Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Activate your ad units for text and image ads for maximum earnings

Did you know that by simply opting all of your ad units into both text and image, you could see a significant increase in your AdSense revenue?
By opting all of your units into text and image ads, you are increasing the competition among the ads competing to appear on your site, as both test and rich media ads (image, flash, video and gadget) will compete in the same ad auction to appear on your site. Our system will always automatically display the ads which will yield the highest earnings for you.
With increased advertiser spend on placement-targeted advertising, particularly now during the holiday season, enabling image ads means you are also competing for these extra dollars. You can use the Ad Review Center (ARC) to review any ads placement-targeted to your site.

For these reasons, many AdSense publishers experience significant uplift after making this change.

If you use the new AdSense interface, follow these steps to activate text and image ads.
If you use the old AdSense interface, follow these steps to activate text and image ads.
See for yourself how this simple change can positively impact your revenue!
Top AdSense Updates
The new AdSense interface

Bringing you more insights, controls, and efficiency, the new AdSense interface is now available to all publishers globally! When you sign in to your AdSense account, click the "Try the new AdSense interface beta" link in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. As you start to get a feel for the interface, visit to check out our Getting Started guide, view our video series and learn more about some of the new features. 
Prevent invalid clicks

Just a quick pointer about not encouraging people to click on advertisements: Sometimes publishers - without meaning to break the rules -- write something like, "If you click on my ads, you'll help support my free site." We understand your excitement for AdSense, but in order to maximize user, advertiser, and publisher experience, we need to strive for completely "natural clicks." Check out 
this blogpost that helps clarify our policy.
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