Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wel Come to a culture .. called AeroSoft

We are bit different from all others coz,..
AeroSoft Corp 

We make only those Software for Aircrafts & Aviation SEO 
if No other Software company is Available to make.

We ferry Aircrafts in Texas from Arizona if No Pilots 
Available to ferry a small Single Engine Aircraft without a Co-Pilot. 

Our voice counts when Wox Vagon wana launch a new SUV in India.

We finds Captain & a Co-Pilot when a Corporate house needs for their loving King Air. 

We share our honest thoughts with Economist.

We do lot of hiring in recession when all others are firing off.

We are tough when other Soft, We are Soft where others tough. 

We are tough when when we Fly High, We are Soft when we land. 

When Mr Matt from USA looking for a partenr in Asia, He 
makes AeroSoft as an exclusive Choice.

We play Aviation Games at IIM Indore at 12PM night
with best 30 students from all other IIMs of India.

When others visit malls watch movies we grow plants... 
Educate others to Go Green...........

We Not only teach Aviation SEO and Aviation Communication 
to IIM & IIT scholars, We learn lot from them too.... We appreciates their knowledge base more
then us except Aviation SEO and Aviation Communication.

We still work when other Sleep 24x7 without a break.

We are rude n out spoken when comes to dirty competitive business practices.

We are tough and humble for difficult & different Aviation SEO. 

When Media & Colleges can't see impect of world wide recession We are realistic enough.

As per Altavista, HotBot, Google and Yahoo we are India's Best Aviation SEO 
services still We are tough to Fly Higher Avenues.

We takes it as our responsibility to maintain their faith. 

We Put our heart, mind, intellect and soul even to our 
smallest acts. This is the secret of AeroSoft success."

Our Biggest problem is We wana fly high... though we love we, cant afford 
to walk in a Garden at all times.

We know 99% are not agreed with us.... We too bother about 1% only.

We make Aviation Softwares tooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

We know

''No bird soars too high if She soars with her own wings. 
“Alone we can do so little; together we do so much”.
Still if you dare to Explore more ............

Wel Come to a culture .. called AeroSoft


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